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Take control with market leading tools and always on insights

Navigator is a global cloud-based SaaS platform, that simplifies the complexities of ESG reporting, both internally and for third parties.

Gain a holistic view of your sustainability performance and take control of your ESG initiatives. From internal data collection to external reporting and benchmarking, Navigator offers the tools and insights you need to manage the ESG landscape with confidence.

Protect your business and reputation using the latest AI technology

Safeguard your business reputation; bolster third party ESG risk management in your supply chain.

Navigilant’s AI enabled platform offers comprehensive, real time 24×7 risk monitoring. Track changes in third parties and joint ventures partners for sanctions, political exposure, company changes and adverse media globally to protect your reputation. Assess third party networks against risk events according to standards and regulations. Our solution provides you with a defendable record against legal scrutiny, assuring stakeholders, clients and protecting enterprise value.

Make better decisions, faster with automated workflows mapped against 35 leading ESG frameworks and standards

Navigilant fast-tracks your ESG reporting with automated workflows, featuring pre-coded options across 35 major ESG frameworks and standards covering over 10,000 industry-tailored data points.

Optimise your ESG risk management with AI-driven insights for informed decision-making and delivering audit-ready data relevant to each operation.

Proactively manage your third party risks with automated & customisable net risk profiling

Automatically calculate and monitor third party net risk for your company using customisable rules. Review and manage residual risk at a portfolio level based on geography, industry, counterparty type, or other characteristics. Empowering you and your teams to proactively manage risks across the ESG spectrum.

Best-in-breed data verification and management, right at your fingertips

Choose from a selection of top-tier third-party data providers for external verification, screening, and monitoring including but not limited to Moodys, BVD, Dunn & Bradstreet and Dow Jones. Continuous data updates provide peace of mind in the quality and accuracy of your data allowing you to proactively deal with risk, and keep ahead.

Highest levels of data security, giving you confidence and control

With full Microsoft security standards compliance & data storage flexibility, you can rest easy knowing your data is protected with full compliance to Microsoft’s highest security standards. Your data’s security is our priority.

Have the freedom to store your data in any geographic location(s) of your choice. You have control over where the custody of your data resides with options in over 140 countries worldwide.