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How we work

Our trusted methodologies ensure that your path to ESG compliance and visibility is as smooth as can be

Programme delivery

Elevate your ESG programme by leveraging our proven methodologies built on deep experience with prosecutors, regulators, and stakeholders.

Our programme delivery is centred around our 3D methodology – discovery, design and delivery. Each phase is underpinned by robust project management.


  • Project kick-off
  • Gap analysis (policy, process and technology)
  • Risk assessment
  • Implementation plan


  • Design and develop a clear roadmap
  • Design solutions (target operating model)
  • Define and design Navichain SaaS customisations
  • Design control frameworks


  • Implementation of control frameworks and processes
  • Navichain technology configuration, launch and adoption
  • Training – systems and processes
  • Change management
  • Reporting and monitoring

Enabling organisations to innovate and manage ESG risks

Our clients experience the power of Navigilant when both our SaaS platform and advisory services come together, providing a holistic ESG set of services and solutions.

Navigilant’s mission is to help manage and improve environmental and social performance and to enable leaders to govern with ethical integrity, benefiting stakeholders, enterprise value and society. The combination of our SaaS platform and advisory services facilitates this vision, enabling organisations to innovate and manage ESG risks effectively.


  • ESG risk and materiality assessments
  • Best in class ESG programme design
  • Enhanced operating model


  • Robust protection for your business and reputation
  • Efficiency and standardisation
  • 24×7 risk monitoring and AI enabled insights

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