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About us

Our mission is to help manage and improve environmental and social performance and to enable leaders to govern with ethical integrity, benefiting stakeholders, enterprise value and society.

Who we are

Navigilant exists to make leading businesses better and empower Leaders and their Executive teams to evaluate and deliver on ESG.

We provide a location specific, enterprise tailored SaaS that collates ESG data and optimises insights. Our service embeds both regulatory requirements and emerging societal expectations of environmental, social and ethical standards. By coupling effective technology with horizon scanning IP, clear governance and agility, we ensure that the issues driving ESG are proactively addressed. Our consultancy and advisory services help our clients get complete clarity on their risk universe enabling the deployment of an effective ESG compliance strategy that can be executed in total confidence.

We envision a world where organisations have a clear ESG strategy and a scalable, tailored solution that provides them with a single source of truth for their ESG data, with a standardised set of approaches configured to how they operate. We are bringing this world about through leveraging AI in our cloud based SaaS platform and providing our consultancy services to enable organisations to innovate and manage ESG risks. By doing so, we are turning our clients obligations and aspirations into advantages.

We are different

  • We’re solely dedicated to ESG compliance – our purpose and mission are important enough to fully dedicate 100% of our time and effort to pursue this goal for you
  • We’re always on – our innovative enterprise platform monitors, manages and automatically reports on a business’ ESG data points that matter, 24/7. Clients can contact us whenever they need to and wherever they are and can rely upon us being at the forefront of this ever evolving space
  • We’re responsive and adaptable – we couple effective and proprietary technology to consistently deliver best of breed solutions for the world’s most demanding companies. We provide consulting and advisory services, clear governance and agility to those who need solutions to their ESG problems. No one size fits all, our platform is highly configurable to our clients’ needs and is easily adapted to evolve as they do
  • We continually improve ESG performance – partnering with us will turn your obligations into opportunities, and your aspirations into advantages
  • We’re future focussed – our curiosity and capabilities fuel our cutting edge approach to embracing the most compelling innovations to improve our clients outcomes
  • We’re highly experienced – our team has decades of experience, trusted to provide strategic advice to Boards and senior management teams of the world’s leading companies
  • We’re experts in ESG matters for large scale M&A – we have been the trusted ESG compliance advisors to the world’s leading companies and have been engaged in deals totalling in excess of U$25bn value in transformative transactions in the past five years alone

Danny Kessler

Executive Chairman

Danny has a distinguished track record as an invaluable strategic advisor, particularly in areas of regulatory change and compliance, as well as corporate governance, and ESG. His acumen in leveraging technology has driven exponential returns for many of the world’s leading companies. He currently holds a number of board positions spanning financial services, fintech, legaltech, and regtech businesses.

Danny’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the corporate realm; his steadfast support for tech start-ups has been instrumental in fostering their growth and encouraging established players to evolve. Across sectors and jurisdictions, his deep well of connections and insightful counsel remain a highly sought after asset.

On a more personal note, Danny is widely published underwater photographer with many of his images displayed in books and magazines, as well as a number of museums around the world.

Jacky Crisp

Managing Director

Jacky brings a wealth of expertise from her extensive tenure in senior roles within industries, including Financial Services, Energy and Technology.

She has a proven track record in driving transformative change initiatives, focusing on regulatory compliance, remediation efforts, governance and controls, and effective implementation strategies.

Having initially honed her skills as a foreign exchange trader in prominent international banks, Jacky later played a pivotal role in the evolution of e-trading.

She co-developed and co-founded a highly successful ‘peer to peer’ FX trading platform, capitalising on technological advancements, and pioneering innovative approaches in the dynamic realm of e-trading platform development.

Jacky has a deep understanding of the ever-evolving ESG regulatory landscape and governance requirements. Her comprehensive understanding of technology development, combined with this deep subject matter expertise and dynamic approach, positions her as a leading figure in the industry.

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